We offer limited breeding times, and search for the highest quality studs available. We specialize in yellow coloration, varying from white to fox red.  We do not breed black or chocolate labs. 

Our breeding program focuses on quality, which means your puppy will be happy and healthy when you bring it home.  Because of the genetic screenings and health certification testing we do, it has a good chance at remaining that way for the duration of its life.  Our pups are easy to train, behave well, and are extremely loyal, which make a great addition to any family. 

We welcome visitors.  Anyone that would like to see our facility or visit the pups is more than welcome.  With 5 children, schedules can get chaotic, so we just ask that you reach out to setup a time to ensure we are able to dedicate time to you and any questions you may have. 

Our kennel has 6 stalls, which are used primarily for pups or to keep certain dogs separated during a heat cycle.  When these events are not occurring, our dogs are free to roam across our property.

We have many testimonials available upon request. 

About Us

We are family breeders located near Fargo, ND.  We have 5 young children that love to play with our dogs and are always looking forward to an expected litter.  We live on 10 acres which give all of them plenty of space to roam.

As said before, we are hobby breeders and do not rely on this income for livelihood, which allows us to focus on quality, not quantity.  We believe everyone should have access to the loving comfort a lab can provide.