COLOR: Yellow (White)

WEIGHT: 77lb

CHARACTERISTICS: ​OFA Good Hips, OFA Normal Elbows, CNM, CY, DM, EIC, HUU, HNPK, PKD, prcd-PRA, and SD2 clear.
DOB: 06/04/2017
COLOR: Yellow (White)

WEIGHT: 80lb

OFA Excellent Hips, EIC Clear
Dives underwater to retrieve lost waterfowl
DOB: 09/20/2010

Dakota is the daughter of our Bailey and Ace of Loyal Labradors. She is the sweetest girl.  She is calm, affectionate, and listens well.  She is so much like her mother.  We expect she will delivery fantastic pups.  

Willow is from pointing lines.  She is more of an American style lab with longer legs and slimmer body.  She has an excellent nose and her pups would be excellent hunting companions.

Ruby has a beautiful soft red coat.  I expect her pups will make excellent upland game hunters.  She has a nose unlike any of our other dogs.  She is very relaxed and loves sunbathing.


Bailey is the girl that started our passion. Her snow white coat and calm disposition couldn't be lost, so we decided to breed her. She is loyal to family and a great hunter. She listens well. Her short stature, blocky head, and musculature show her English characteristics.  

COLOR: Yellow (Red)

WEIGHT: 70lb

OFA Prelim ​Good Hips, Normal Elbows. CNM, CY, DM, EIC, HUU, HNPK, PKD, prcd, SD2 clear
DOB: 06/04/2017
Does carry chocolate
Does not carry the Dilute gene

Our Females

Does Not Carry Dilute
COLOR: Yellow (White)

WEIGHT: 72lb

OFA Prelim ​Excellent Hips, Normal Elbows
CNM, CY, DM, EIC, HUU, HNPK, PKD, prcd-PRA, and SD2 clear.

DOB: 07/04/2017

COLOR: Yellow

WEIGHT: 72lb


PennHIP Certified

CNM, CY, DM, EIC, HUU, HNPK, and PKD clear. From champion pointing lines

DOB: 12/02/2013

Our Retired Females

Does Not Carry Dilute

Dazey comes from Alabama, but has adjusted well to cold of North Dakota winters. She is a gentle, timid girl.  She loves affection and is frequently the first to greet you.  We look forward to her pups.