Stud Service Contract

This agreement is in effect as of: ______________________

Stud Being Used:__________________________              Female Name_________________________ & AKC # SR__________________

Stud Service Fee: ­­­­$850.00

Maple River Labs agrees to provide and requires the following:

Maple River Labs Responsibilities:

1) Maple River Labs warrants that the stud will be free from screenable genetic disease as advertised related to eyes, heart, liver, kidney and lungs. His hips and elbows have been certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals or PennHip and are in satisfactory condition. All vaccinations are up to date at time of breeding.

2) Maple River Labs requires that if you use our stud service and need to advertise your litter, you specifically disclose that Maple River Labs provided the stud service.

3) Maple River Labs requires a $200 deposit to reserve a breeding date.  This is nonrefundable if the female does not arrive at Maple River Labs for breeding at the specified time.  If the female arrives and breeding occurs, but no litter is produced from the breeding, the $200 will be fully refunded at 65 days from breeding date.  The remaining balance of stud fee is due at time of litter whelping.  Maple River Labs will not sign off with AKC until remaining balance has been paid.

4) Stud Service fee is as agreed upon in this contract.  If Maple River Labs chooses to accept a puppy in exchange for stud service, it will be an even trade and no additional monies will be paid by Maple River Labs for the puppy.  Maple River Labs requires first pick of litter of whichever sex we choose.

5) Maple River Labs offers AI (artificial insemination) through an experienced veterinarian, if interested please contact Maple River Labs.  The AI addendum does not replace this contract, but rather adds to it.

6) Maple River Labs reserves the right to refuse stud service to anyone.

Client Responsibilities:

1) Maple River Labs requires that a client interested in stud service provide a pedigree of the female to be bred for examination prior to the breeding date.

2) Maple River Labs encourages that clients interested in stud service have had their female tested/certified for disease and illness known to affect labs.

3) Maple River Labs requires that all females coming to Maple River Labs for stud service are up to date on vaccination and have had brucellosis testing within 30 days and results have been provided to Maple River Labs.

4) Females should arrive at Maple River Labs at optimal breeding time.  Maple River Labs will house the female for up to 7 days for stud service.  If the female is at Maple River Labs for longer than 7 days; a $20 per day fee will be applied and is due at the time of female pickup.

5) Maple River Labs will feed the female Diamond Naturals dog food while at Maple River Labs.  If the client wishes to have an alternative food provided, they must bring a sufficient quantity with them at female drop off.

6) Maple River Labs is not responsible for any veterinarian expenses related to breeding.

7) Clients are responsible for transportation and all associated costs in all cases.

All parties agree by signature, to follow the terms of this agreement. This contract contains the entire agreement (may contain an AI addendum) between these parties and is not transferable. Any legal action for whatever reason would take place in the state and county of the residence of the seller.


Stud Owner __________________________________ Date_______________

Client __________________________________ Date_______________